September 22, 2019

Your One Stop Shop for Complete Auto Care

Elite Auto Repair is your one stop shop for all your auto care needs, from Oil change to brakes and engine / transmission repairs

we are located at:

850 Frelinghuysen Ave, Newark, NJ 07114

Phone: 973-642-0002

Here are some of the many services that we provide at a very competitive rate.

► Computer Diagnosis

► Complete Break Repair/ Service
► Licensed Auto Body Shop
► A/C Repair Diagnosis
► Welding and Fabrication
► Tune Ups
► Transfer Cases
► Timing Belts
► Head Gaskets
► Clutch Jobs
► 4 Wheel Computer Alignment
► Transmission Repair/ Overhaul
► Engine Replacement
► Fuel Injection Cleaner
► Front End Repair
► Shock Absorber Replacement
► Custom Exhausts
► Fabricated Drive Shafts
► Differentials